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Small Step – Upgrading our Subconscious Minds

Transformation does not sound like a small step, but what I have realized is that if you don’t take time to transform some of your limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind, your small steps won’t get you very far.

One of the things we do not realize is that we carry around a program inside of our subconscious mind that guides our life. We formed this program when we were very young. Just imagine back to the 80’s when personal computers first hit the market for office and home use. I remember the first Apple computer, which was this funny looking box, and the first IBM computer which had a small TV set sitting on top of the large box with a large keyboard and utilized these large floppy disks for data. It’s hard to believe that this was less than 40 years ago because we’ve come light years since then. We don’t think twice about upgrading our software in our computers, but what we don’t realize is that we have the same sort of outdated program running in our subconscious mind from our childhoods that needs to be upgraded. We formed those beliefs when we were children and had a very narrow view of the world, but our lives are unknowingly running from these old beliefs. Doesn’t it make sense that those programs need to be updated?

For example, if you struggle with relationships, it is because you made decisions about relationships when you were a child that no longer serve you. Because of these old beliefs, you keep being attracted to and recreating the same relationships over and over again. At some time in your past, usually between the age of 0 and 12, you experienced circumstances and events that caused you to believe that you weren’t worthy, weren’t loveable, that a good relationship was not available to you, or that you were so different that you couldn’t have a wonderful relationship.

What if you have been smoking your whole life? When you were younger, you might have experienced other people smoking and assigned a meaning to smoking (perhaps that it was social or cool) that may no longer serve you. It won’t serve you if you want to be healthy, have beautiful skin, be fit, have nice teeth, or have control of your actions. All addictions and negative habits help to cover up pain from childhood memories. The problem is that when the nicotine, drug, or other bad habit ends, we once again feel the internal pain and have to have more in order to numb the pain and feel pleasure. But, there is another way.

This is where the new software, the reprogramming of the subconscious mind comes in. This is where you can go back and explore the old memories and see when and where you made decisions that are still running and causing blocks to living the life that you desire. This is where Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) comes in. RTT is a method developed by Marisa Peer that utilizes a proven technique to regress back to the scenes from your past an uncover the beliefs that you created about yourself that now block your desired outcomes. These decisions come down to feeling worthy, to feeling like you deserve to get what you want, and according to Marisa, they always have to do with three beliefs, “I’m not enough,” “what I want is not available to me,” or “I’m different and don't fit in.” These decisions that we made about ourselves keep us stuck and hold us back from getting what we want in life. They keep us believing that we don’t deserve to get what we want.

During an RTT session, a person is able to go back, find the old beliefs, and reprogram the unconscious mind so that you can begin to live the life that you want. It allows you to have the health, the wealth, the love that you want; whatever it is in your life that you want more of, it releases the blocks so that you can let it in. It helps you remove limiting beliefs that you can receive your deepest desires.

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