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Understanding What Makes You Tick

Coaching services are designed to enhance the RTT experience by providing ongoing support for anyone who desires additional insight into limiting beliefs, unconscious patterns, and emotional blocks. Often one or two RTT session(s) are sufficient to resolve major life issues, but having support to “tweak” certain areas of life over time is beneficial. It is also a good place to start to understand why RTT works and to get comfortable with the process. 


Coaching services are provided as single (as-needed) sessions, ongoing sessions, group sessions or a combination. 

Coaching is designed to gain a clear understanding and provide tools to address the following questions:

Why can't I change?

Most people try to understand themselves, their habits and mental health using the conscious, analytical mind in the same way that they try to solve other problems. While this can provide some level of insight and understanding it seldom leads to significant change.

The subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of what drives our lives, not the conscious mind. When trying to make changes using the conscious mind we often fail and fall back into old patterns and ways of operating. By tapping into the subconscious mind and understanding the old messages that are playing over and over we are then able to get to the root cause of patterns and habits and reprogram them to healthier, more positive beliefs and behaviors. 

Understanding and expressing emotion in a healthy, safe way is key to making change. Coaching provides the space to explore behaviors and understand how old, residual emotions from the past trigger our relationships and responses in current life situations. Becoming aware of old emotional patterns provides the opportunity to gain control and mastery over self in order to choose what's next from a conscious, purposeful place.

Why do I feel this way?

Why am I triggered in this situation?

Triggers are deep emotional wounds that simply need to be identified and allowed to air out in order to heal. Often we blame other people or situations for these triggers and try to control the outside world in an attempt to feel better. This approach is futile and often leaves one feeling angry and powerless. Exploring and healing triggers from the inside out allows us to reclaim our power and let go of outside forces that take us off our path. 

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